Tri-Writing Set

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Tri-writing Set packed in cool design 2-cover case provides essential stationery that your child needs for their first day of school. Beautiful dual-colour designed 2B pencils that come in quantity of alongside an eraser, 2 eraser caps and a sharpener. The new pencil case that hold all of this together will endure even the busiest of school days.

Product Details

  • Cool design 2-cover pencil case with essential stationery: Tri-Writing 2B pencils, Student eraser, eraser cap & sharpener
  • Tri-Writing 2B pencils in trendy dual colour and ergonomic triangular barrel for smooth & fine writing
  • Student eraser with extra soft formula for clean erasing
  • eraser cap can be used as an eraser and pencil tip protector
  • Slim sharpener with anti-rust and durable blade to sharpen standard sized pencils