Poster Colours 18+1 Musou Black 15ml (Promo Pack)

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Certified with laboratory result, Faber-Castell Poster Colours is 100% safe for children and is especially suited for kindergarten and school use. The superior formula of the colour makes it quick-dry and gives the art piece a vibrant result. It can be perfectly mixed or diluted with water for a different intensity. The wide range of colours stimulates the desire to paint: Not only the art lesson is going to be great fun!

**Now comes with FREE one bottle of 15ml Musou Black worth RM19.95. Only while stocks last. 

    Musou Black Paint is a water-based acrylic paint known for its ability to absorb visible light, making it The World's Blackest Paint. Achieving an ultra-black coating has never been easier! Unleash the full potential of Musou Black by combining it strategically with other poster colors and acrylic paints to achieve stunning depth impressions.


     Usage Instructions:

    - Shake well before use.
    - Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
    - Wash the paintbrush immediately after use.
    - Repeat the application of a thin layer of paint until the base is covered.
    - For non-water-absorbent material, surface treatment or primer may be required    before application.
    - Due to the properties of the powdery light-absorbing layer, the durability of the top coating is very low. Fading and peeling of the coating may occur even with light contact. - The painted object may shrink and crack.
    - Not recommended for outdoor or automotive use.

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