Little Creatives Modeling Dough Set of 6 - Basic Colors

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Play dough is a great toy to have fun with! Rolling, pushing, squeezing, helps children to feel their power and expand their motor skills. What else can you do with play dough! Because the play dough is so wonderfully smooth, it already stimulates the imagination of the little ones and they can start their first form attempts. Primary school kids can use modelling tools and cookie cutters to add the finishing touch too their objects. All colours can be mixed with each other.

Product Details

  • Modelling dough is soft and colourful kneadable dough for children which is ideal for motor skill and sensory development in early childhood
  • Play based learning with modelling dough assists in developing social interaction and problem solving skills in the child from a young age
  • Children enjoy playing with modelling dough as it helps them express their creativity through model building, giving them a sense of achievement
  • Non-toxic material and completely safe for children
  • Natural ingredients: Grain Flour & Oil
  • Soft and easily kneadable for young hands
  • No stain, non sticky dough for mess free use
  • Moulds at the bottom of the container & cover lid