Tri-Grip 2B Score A Set

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Exam grade Tri-Grip 2B pencils with excellent quality specially formulated for exam use. Its darker and thicker lead ideal for filling in the answer sheet for multiple choice questionnaires confidently and worry-free. The graphite stain can be easily erased thoroughly with Faber-Castell Exam Grade eraser.

Product Details

  • Contents: Tri-Grip 2B Pencil 6pcs, Exam Grade eraser 1pc, 15cm plastic ruler 1pc & Slim sharpener 1pc
  • Extra dark exam grade 2B pencils ideal for exam use, with 2.8mm thicker lead for faster shading and minimal lead breakage
  • Exam grade eraser with excellent clean erasing without leaving any graphite stain
  • Slim sharpener with durable anti-rust blade & safety screw
  • High quality 15cm plastic ruler