Eraser Dust-Free 187120, Box of 20

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Faber-Castell Dust-Free eraser series offer the best performance in clean erasing. It also does not contain harmful plasticiser - Phthalate. The unique "Dust-Free" formula makes the eraser soft and guarantees excellent clean and smear-free erasing. The eraser residue and dust easily roll together for easier clean up. The comfort edge (chamfered corners) are thoughtfully crafted for precise erasing and prevent breakage. Also, the erasers are latex-free and dermatologically tested & approved.

Product Details

  • Premium grade extra soft formula
  • Dust rolls together
  • Excellent clean erasing without leaving any graphite stain
  • Ideal for removing pencil sketches that have been inked over
  • Large size, also available in medium size
  • Available in 2 different pack size: box of 20 pcs & polybag of 2 pcs