Unicorn Special Edition Classic Colour Pencil 18+6pcs

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Introducing Faber-Castell's Unicorn Edition Classic Colour Pencils – a captivating 18+6 color variant that adds a touch of magic to our timeless collection. These permanent colour pencils maintain the classic hexagonal shape and standard size, ensuring both comfort and precision. The pencils feature vivid pigments and a special bonding process for exceptional break resistance. Transport yourself to a world of enchantment with the mystical unicorn-inspired palette.

But the experience goes beyond colors. Faber-Castell enhances your creative journey by offering a QR code on the packaging. Scan it to access tutorials and advanced coloring techniques, guiding both seasoned artists and beginners alike.


     - Colourful and magic colour pencils for creative fans of unicorn

     - Permanent colour pencils in hexagonal shape

     - Brilliant and pastel colours

     - Soft colour laydown

     - Thick 3.3mm lead helps prevent breakage

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