Pitt Pastel, White, Soft (Colour 101)

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The monochrome colours of black, white, sanguine and sepia can be found in life drawing classes at almost every art school. They bring pictures to life with vitality and expression. This is an old tradition of figure drawing that dates back to the Renaissance, enhanced with white and with shadows deepened with black. Faber-Castell's Pitt monochrome crayons hark back to this long tradition of figure drawing, which is why the crayons designed for sketching are harder than conventional pastel crayons. For this reason, the lines do not disappear completely when smudged. The sanguine and sepia crayons are supplemented by oil-free and oil-based drawing pencils for sketching and details.

Product Details

  • Pitt Monochrome artists¬¥ pastels of the highest quality
  • Excellent light resistance
  • Grease- and oil-free
  • Can be easily smudged
  • Ideal for shading larger areas and for graphic details
  • Colour 101 white soft
  • Available individually and in various assorted sets