Art Grip Aquarelle Anime Art - Clear Box - Fantasy

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Art Grip Aquarelle watercolour pencils are fully watersoluble: Apply a wet paintbrush and create fabulous watercolour effects on any motif or pattern composed with Art Grip Aquarelle pencils. They are ideal for precise drawing and superior to standard watercolour paints that come in tubes or pans and tend to dry out or leave unwanted stains or marks on your paper. No matter whether you are working on bright, coloured or dark papers - the high level of pigments will bring your creative ideas to life!

Product Details

  • Mangas & Animes form part and parcel of Japanese culture and enjoy worldwide popularity
  • Draw your own anime characters with the Faber-Castell Anime Art Sets
  • Each set contains 8 Art Grip Aquarelle watercolour pencils, a Grip 2001 2B lead pencil, a PITT Artist Pen black fineliner S and a paintbrush
  • An extra highlight included in the set is a download code for a step-by-step instruction guide showing how to create the anime motif on the cover - it can be downloaded from www.faber-castell.de/creative

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